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Tiny Town being Developed within a Town


In Raleigh, North Carolina, developers have come up with an innovative plan to build a community consisting of new homes within a neighborhood near downtown that is already well-established. Simply put, they want to develop a tiny town within a town. In fact, in Mordecai and Oakwood neighborhoods, the cluster of small rental properties will be known as “Tiny Town”.

Securing a Deal

The community itself is already under construction. Known as the Brookview Apartments, the area is being developed by Community Properties in conjunction with Robuck Homes. Although the final purchase price has not been revealed, at one point the property had been listed for over $5 million. Kip-Dell Homes, originally owner of the land, confirmed to the Triangle Business Journal that a deal was reached.

According to a press release from Community Properties’ President, Jack Morisey, this particular area is ideal for development. In particular, North Person Street is being revitalized with new shops, bars, and restaurants. The goal is to create something that people will find appealing but also something that fits in with the area overall since both neighborhoods are in high demand.

However, the tiny town within a town in North Carolina is just one example of what development is moving toward.  Other cities with a strong and diverse downtown hub where land is difficult to find are following suit.

The Brookview Neighborhood

The Brookview neighborhood was developed soon after WWII ended and is comprised of a total of 71 duplexes and single family homes that reside on a 7.5 acre piece of land. The purchase of the land to build a tiny town is just one trend emerging in downtown areas. The other is limited housing deemed affordable. In Brookview, rentals are extremely low priced, some going for just $480 per month.

Drucker & Falk, a property management firm, sent residents of the Brookview area letters last fall advising they needed to move out quickly, leaving many renters to believe they had no other option but to go. Residents who received the letter were in an uproar, which prompted Drucker & Falk to follow up by stating that existing leases would still be honored.

Although developers can build up to 75 homes under current zoning rules for the Brookview neighborhood, Morisey believes that only 60 or so will actually be constructed. He also confirmed that the area is being studied by architects on behalf of builders and developers to determine the best way to give the new homes individual character.

At this time, the size or floor plans of the homes has not been decided on but some suggestions include detached garages and charming front porches. The goal according to Morisey is to create a neighborhood-friendly environment.

The idea of building a tiny town within an established town is being welcomed by many local developers to include co-chair of the Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council, Kim Gazella. As stated, she anticipates that whatever developers ultimately build will possess high quality architectural features and charm that is so important to the Brookview neighborhood.



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