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Time is Free, but Priceless

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What is the one resource that every person in the world has equally? That resource is time. Time is a commodity that we all share equally. No matter where you are or what your socio-economic status is, we are all bound by how many hours there are in a day. 

The emergence of new tools and technology was and still is strongly influenced by the fact that time is a limited resource. Prehistoric humans used primitive tools to save themselves time. Tools aided our ancestors by making it easier to hunt, quicker to build homes, and easier to travel faster and further.

If you think about it, all of the tools and technology that have come and gone were invented to save time and provide us with convenience.

The Real Estate industry, especially the Commercial Real Estate industry, has been slow to adopt new technology. Real estate professionals are missing an opportunity to save time every day by not adopting new technology!

Here at Think Tech Labs, we provide a product that on average has boosted client's sales by 29%, increased productivity by 34%, increased accuracy by 42%, and is 100% accessible through the cloud!

How are we able to provide you with these improvements?

Our flagship product, REthink CRM, is a CRM tool created specifically for real estate professionals. REthink CRM makes it easier for you to:

- Search listings and match with buyers

- Connect with prospects and current clients

- Manage showings

- Showcase listings

- Work in teams

It’s time to embrace new technology! Let REthink CRM save you time by helping you manage and improve your day-to-day processes. Schedule a demo or start a 30-day trial today at


By: Rusty Valino

Rusty was born in the Philippines and moved to Houston, TX when he was 10. He moved to the DFW area to study at University of North Texas. At UNT, he completed a B.B.A. and an M.S. in Finance. He started his professional career in finance as an auditor and then as a risk analyst but decided to pursue his true passion as a developer. In his free time, he likes to enjoy physical activities to give his brain a break. He likes to enjoy activities such as snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding and powerlifting.

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