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Three ways to achieve visibility with VIDEO

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I marvel at the traction that the Ice Bucket Challenge, to raise awareness for ALS, has built this summer. Millions of folks including The News Funnel staff, featuring Lindsey Kacher and Matt Heinle...Duke Long, Howard Kline, and Linda Day Harrison ALL received challenges and accepted by dousing themselves with a bucket of ice water...and videoed the proceedings. So, just what was the motivation? In my opinion, the cause and the subsequent videos INSPIRED us to drop our inhibitions and ACT. So, the first way to achieve visibility with video is to INSPIRE.

I'm sitting in a suite in Las Vegas writing this post as I am attending our Lee & Associates annual gathering of my brethren from around the country. We assemble each year for a gigantic selfie and a record consumption of adult beverages...errr networking events! This year, Tuesday Traffic Tips (weekly 1.5 minute brokerage advice videos) is a year old and I was BLOWN away by the number of Lee agents from around the country that approached me and frankly crimsoned my face with their compliments. So,why the buzz? I believe that the Tuesday Traffic Tips provides the second way to achieve visibility and that is to EDUCATE.

So, after we have INSPIRED and EDUCATED, what is left to do? In my opinion, you must ENTERTAIN. Why on earth do we continue to watch Tank the dog get scolded, all while wearing the trash can top on his dome or the latest youth belt out Ave Maria?...Because it's entertaining, that's why.

If you want to achieve real VISIBILITY with VIDEO CONTENT, just figure out how to INSPIRE, EDUCATE or ENTERTAIN your audience...and as I've proven, you don't need a professional setting, just a palatial studio...AKA, your car.


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