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Ten Ways to Increase Your Office Productivity in 2015

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Aren’t we all looking for ways to make our days and lives a little easier? Since you spend at least 9 hours a day and over 30% of your life working, the first place to start improving should be your office. What if you could instantly boost your productivity just by giving your office an upgrade! Below are our top 10 favorite gadgets to spruce up your office for the new year:

1. Voice Dictation - With the Dragon Dictation tool, you will never miss a beat during your meetings with your clients. This tool will dictate and transcribe every word of your conversations or emails allowing you to focus more on your insightful thoughts and ideas.

2. USB Coffee Warmers - Stay caffeinated with the perfect cup of coffee that is constantly hot throughout the day.

3. Solar Chargers - Keep your devices powered and fully charged no matter where you are.

4. Desktop Cord Manager - Keep all of your unruly cables, cords, and wires organized!

5. Dual Monitors - For the ultimate multi-tasker, working on just your laptop screen does not allow enough space to view all of your windows. We cannot work without our second monitor. Studies have shown that using two screens rather than just one can boost your productivity up to 50%!

6. Smart Whiteboard - How many times have you had to take a picture of a whiteboard brainstorming session to remember all of your new great ideas? This convenient “smart whiteboard” allows you to send all of your whiteboard notes directly to smartphone or laptop.

7. Hi Tech Office Chair - When sitting in this chair, you will never want to leave your office. Browse emails, make calls, and get the best massage of your life - talk about multitasking!

8. The Ultimate Standing Desk - Now you don’t need to spend an hour in the gym before or after work, you can stay healthy and fit right from the comfort of your own office with a treadmill desk.

9. Google Chromebox - These days, meeting virtually has almost become the norm. Take your video conferencing to the next level with Google’s Chromebox.  This is a tool that our company uses daily to facilitate constant collaboration across our different office locations.

10. REthink Application for Brokerages - The most comprehensive brokerage management solution for commercial real estate professionals. REthink gives you more control over your daily activities, automates your business processes, and provides greater visibility into your sales pipeline. 


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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