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Step Up Real Estate Marketing Blogs with Effective Photo and Video Apps


Although the content of blogs is critical when building or growing a real estate business, incorporating appropriate photos and videos is just as important. In fact, with the right photos and videos, you can turn a good blog into something great. To make this happen, you have access to multiple applications.

Top Real Estate Marketing Photo and Video Apps

Over the past few years, many media-based mobile apps have emerged, changing the way that people market through blogs. Due to time constraints, many potential buyers simply do not have time to read multiple blogs. However, adding a photo or video immediately grabs attention, and then you can be sure that buyers will read every word of the blog. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you might consider the apps suggested below.

  • Facebook Camera—An excellent app for your blogs is Facebook Camera. This interface is clean, free, and allows you to tag people. In addition, you can upload multiple photos with a few clicks.

  • Instagram—Although many people use Instagram for sharing personal photos, this app is excellent for real estate purposes. With a user-base of more than 50 million, this app gives you the opportunity to reach tons of potential buyers.

  • Snapseed—You might consider this app for adding photos to your blogs. What makes this particular application so unique is that in addition to great photos, it allows you to capture the right light, framing, and other important elements to help your blogs stand out.

  • Viddy—Using the same concept as Instagram, Viddy focuses on videos. With this, you can upload a short video but also add various effects and innovative filters. When finished, you can share your videos with millions of people by using social media platforms.

  • Animoto—You might also consider this mobile app when adding videos to blogs. As a video slideshow tool, it gives you the ability to create magnificent, fun, and high-definition slideshows in video format. You can create a slideshow of each room of a home or office space, making the potential buyer feel as if they are touring with you.

  • Google+—Google offers an array of tools and programs designed specifically for growing businesses. One of the best for enhancing your blogs is Google+. This free app is reliable, and the quality unrivaled. Using your mobile device, you can take videos to highlight different features of a property, and then simply attach the finished product to your blog.

Regardless of the mobile app for adding photos and videos to blogs, it is essential that you capture quality images, never over edit, and be creative. Remember, the goal is to get the reader’s attention, and then draw them into the blog itself.

Perfect Content

As you work on the photo and video aspect of your blogs, you can turn to us at The News Funnel for professional help with the content. Whether you need a little guidance or want to hire one of our skilled writers to create blogs on your behalf, we offer years of experience and expertise.



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