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Specific Types of Content for Realtors


In referencing content, this consists of written words, whether by hand, email, or on a website. As part of the real estate industry, professional realtors depend on many different strategies. For example, there are symposiums, conferences, software programs, professionally designed websites, and more. However, the most powerful of all methods used to increase sales is content.

Gaining an Edge

Whether you want to further the success of an existing business or are just getting started in real estate, one of the most important goals is to gain an edge. This means becoming someone of authority, not only to potential and existing clients but also peers. You want to stand out as the go-to person for information, advice, and knowledge pertaining to the sector of real estate in which you work.

A highly effective method for accomplishing this goal is through content. However, it has to be the right type of content that is well-written and focused on a specific market niche. Following are some recommendations that have been proven to be highly successful for real estate content.

  • Community – Content of this nature is about things happening within the community. For example, you can share information about an upcoming festival, new city leader, construction zones, and much more through content. The goal with community content is getting your readers engaged. Community content is perfect for websites, social media sites, and monthly newsletters. For search purposes when used online, this type of content has to contain SEO value.


  • Keyword Specific – This is another excellent type of content for the real estate industry. As an example, if you offer services in Dallas, someone looking for a home to buy in your city will never conduct an online search using keywords like “licensed real estate in my city”. Instead, the search would be specific, more like “licensed real estate in Dallas”. In order to get more hits, which in turn increases traffic to your site, content has to be keyword specific.


  • Interesting – For this content, it would be specific to the real estate industry but contain information that readers find useful and interesting. Often, realtors will create interesting content for blogs and articles but this can also be offered through newsletters and even as online content. The goal is to focus on information that provides answers to both buyers and sellers. This might include the latest on interest rates, current market values, or anything that will get and maintain attention while putting you in the position as a person of authority.


  • Listings and Open Houses – Often referred to as self-promotion content”, with this you would provide people with information about upcoming events related specifically to real estate. As part of this, information about the neighborhood, local attractions, nearby amenities, school districts, and so on should be offered. The reason is that as people click on a particular home, they have the opportunity to learn about the local market as well which gives you huge brownie points.

Staying on Top of Real Estate News

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Ready to start your own content marketing strategy?

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