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Sound Content Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals


Specific to real estate, success goes well beyond being an excellent agent or broker or even using high-tech solutions for that matter. One of the most powerful ways to reach the right audience is by using content marketing. In fact, some of the most successful realtors in the country achieved success because of well-written and appropriate content.

What is Content?

Simply put, content consists of the words used on the company’s website, verbiage in newsletters and promotional emails, and so on. Words are extremely powerful and when well-written and targeted to a specific niche market, they are highly persuasive. This is not saying that strong selling and technological solutions should be eliminated, but to gain an edge over the competition and reach the level of success wanted, content marketing is essential. Here we talk about specific types of content for realtors. 

Key Benefits

Some of the main reasons for using content marketing are listed below.

  • Builds trust and long-lasting business relationships
  • Establishes you but also the company you represent as industry experts
  • Creates an opportunity to share information, ideas, photos, videos, and more on social media networks
  • Drives organic traffic through Search Engine Optimization and social media sharing
  • Provides agents, brokers, developers, investors, builders, contractors, buyers, and sellers with reliable, informative, and usable information pertaining to the real estate industry

Creating a Successful Campaign

The overall goal of content marketing is to grow the business. To accomplish this goal, new leads need to be developed, leads have to convert to actual clients, more deals must be closed, existing relationships must be stronger for better and additional referrals, and the competition has to be overtaken. Following are some examples of how a great content marketing campaign is established and implemented.

  • Content on the website has to be relevant. Content needs to interest visitors and keep them around long enough to become viable customers. This is done by keeping content simple, positive, well-written, navigable, and inviting. Content needs to provide information that readers want while providing new opportunities through calls for action, links, and other SEO strategies.
  • Content should be presented in different forms beyond the website. This includes blog posts on other sites, through a news article, on forums, via newsletters, by writing tutorials, and more. With this, there is an opportunity to demonstrate to both existing and potential customers that you offer value. A good content marketing campaign will establish you as an expert in the industry, thereby making you a trusted and turn-to source.

The bottom line is that unlike spreading the word through newspapers, sending out fliers, or having friends or family members give referrals, to have a successful real estate career you need outstanding content. Today, this is done by creating content on the website that will increase traffic through search engine sites, through monthly newsletters that offers tips, advice, promotions, and newsworthy information, and blogs, as well as articles of interest.

A strong content marketing campaign can be the difference in success and failure. The things you decide to write about, the audience you target, and the information you share are what separate you from the competition.

Getting Vital Real Estate Information

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