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Rethinking Office Space in Phoenix: 11 Creative Office Spaces to Envy

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Today there is no shortage of information and opinions about what makes the most effective work environment for valued employees. Corporate America and start-ups worldwide are showing off their take on the best work environments in 2014. The cubicle walls have come down, and team collaboration/coworking areas have formed.

Employees today have the option to recreate their workspace or location several times in a single day, from a sit to stand-up desk, to a team collaboration room or an employee lounge overlooking the city. A multi-use office can be a growing start-ups office one day and transform to a conference room for a multi-company presentation the next. Local coffee barista’s are also setting up shop in these workspaces and don’t be surprised to find a local micro-brewery capitalizing on the Gen-Y/Millennial workforce looking for an end-of-day social outlet.

The employer of today understands the key to attracting and retaining high-end talent means the office space must to be engaging, open and playful. A loveable office space in a building or city with a live, work, play mentality is part of a complete financial package to today’s employee. The days of stuffy offices of dark mahogany wood, brass and dropped ceilings are over.

Phoenix, considered the Wild West too many, has not been left in the dust on the evolution of office space. 11 Phoenix companies have taken note and implemented their own twist on work environments giving metro Phoenix some unique and savvy office concepts to envy. 

11 Phoenix office spaces to envy from Cassidy Turley Arizona


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