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Reasons you should AVOID #CRE social media!

Allen Buchanan, commercial real estate blog, location advice blog

You're here, you're reading (thanks dad!), you're curious, you're skeptical, you're in agreement, "I knew it"!

I'm a BIG believer in social media, it's benefits, the engagements, and I love to create compelling, timely and valuable (at least that is my hope?) #CRE content. I could give you a number of reasons why you SHOULD use social media to supplement and enhance your commercial real estate practice but I won't. Instead I'm going to give you several reasons that you should AVOID social media at all cost.

So in no particular Letterman-esque order, here goes...

You don't understand social media, therefore you dismiss it
You believe Pinterest is the tallest peak in Nepal
You will NOT commit to creating or curating CONTENT on a regular basis
You believe AMAZON is a South American river
You will try to SELL something
You believe 140 CHARACTERS is the cast in Les Miserables
You believe your assistant can do it for you
You believe an ONLINE PRESENCE is a bday gift from Jos A.

Net, Net, Net (like the CRE pun?),
You believe, at your core, the media is a fad and NONE of "your"customers hang out there

Just remember, that TWEETING you hear did not originate from a mockingbird, BUT your competition MAY be mocking you.

'Till next time, Bukester out!


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