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Realtors- Make Your Smartphone Work for You


If you are a realtor, chances are your smartphone is key to keeping your businesses running, staying productive, and remaining competitive. In fact, The National Association of Realtors' 2013-2014 Realtor Technology Survey Report found that mobile devices were the top item realtors planned to purchase within 12 months. With the influx of calls, emails, texts, postings, alerts, and notifications that make up your workday, having a smartphone is not enough, rather it's critical that your smartphone is equipped with helpful apps and organized in a way to make both you and your device as efficient as possible.

Here's a look at some ways you can make your smartphone work for you!

Organizing your iPhone

Realtors with iPhones have access to many apps that serve to make life easier. One such app is the Open House Manager by Wander Bit, an app that eliminates your need for clipboards and sign-in sheets at open houses. Not only does it manage all the aspects of hosting an open house, it also streamlines the accompanying forms and gives your open house a more professional feel. By allowing you to create any number of forms or multiple choice questions, Open House offers the ability to sort your guests by their preferences, limits, and move-in time frames.

Another helpful app is Cam Scanner, a simple digital scanner that allows users to scan documents into a smartphone through the built-in camera. Not only does Cam Scanner allow users to instantly digitize documents from virtually anywhere, it also allows you to make edits on the spot. Best of all, this iPhone app connects directly to OneDrive, allowing users to upload documents to the cloud with ease.

Here we have compiled a list of the 6 best apps for real estate professionals. 

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Organizing your Android

Android phones are the second most popular mobile device for realtors, and they also offer a slew of apps ideal to help with organization and efficiency. MagicPlan is one such app, allowing users to create a floor plan of a property just by walking around while holding up the device. By adding objects, annotations, and other attributes, MagicPlan can create a highly accurate floor plan in just minutes. Imagine being able to walk into a new property and post a floor plan for clients to browse on demand!

Perhaps the most useful Android app for realtors is Real Estate Agent On Go, which offers a suite of tools to help stay organized. On Go allows users to track and search clients, plan appointments, and even handle bills and collections. Through On Go, each client has a personal history that realtors can use to track interactions, manage billing, and see the properties that they have viewed.

If you're looking for an Android smartphone, consider the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung's most powerful smartphone to-date.

Stay competitive and effective in the real estate industry, and make sure you're armed with the right tools. A smartphone equipped with the right apps can give you a cutting edge above your competition.



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