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Real Estate Search Technology Improves with RealScout


To encourage and support successful relationships between real estate professionals and clients, RealScout makes all the difference in the world. Of all platforms currently used by real estate agents, this is one of the most powerful and advanced platform available.

What is RealScout?

Real estate professionals work hard to build and maintain great business relationships with clients that produce an overall positive experience, but unfortunately, efforts often involve outdated tools. The result is a major disconnection, due to poor communication, that often pushes clients away to a different agent.

To be successful in the real estate industry, professionals need state-of-the-art tools that allow them not only to meet, but actually exceed client expectations. With RealScout, all these goals can be accomplished. This agent-branded platform is designed to make it easier and more efficient to collaborate with clients.

RealScout is empowering, because of hundreds of aggregated and analyzed data points. With this, the search for homes is based on more complex search criteria, but provided in natural language that ultimately produces excellent results. For instance, with this platform a potential homebuyer can easily search for homes by using key phrases like “large fenced-in backyard” or “remodeled chef’s kitchen”.

How does RealScout benefit real estate pros?

In response to a query, the real estate agent receives an automated email notification. Armed with specific information as to what the buyer wants, that agent has a greater opportunity to convert a simple inquiry into a highly valued client.

$6 Million in Series A funding

Now, thanks to RealScout’s $6 million in Series A funding, real estate professionals can use its powerful tools, thereby allowing them to offer clients a direct and consumer-friendly service through an agent-branded mobile application for the web and iOS.

The money is not only being used to improve their existing technology, but also develop better technology that is specific to both the consumer-friendly and service-oriented aspects of business. To participate, real estate agents pay $79, which provides full membership to include robust tools.

The problem that a homebuyer faces when using other online applications, such as Zillow, is a definite disconnect as to what is really going on in the real estate arena. While the agent might be aware that a pending contract on a home fell through and the owner would probably accept a lower offer, Zillow has no clue.

With RealScout, the inquiry about that home goes to the agent who has all the most recent updates, so when responding, the potential homebuyer receives pertinent information from the agent that builds a long-term business relationship of trust and confidence.

To sum it up...

Currently, there are about 50,000 active listings on RealScout, with more being added all the time. In a highly competitive real estate market, this innovative tool is the perfect solution for buyers and agents alike. Because of its success, RealScout plans to expand into other markets sometime in the future. While nothing has been publicized in terms of the exact market, anticipations are high.


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