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Real Estate Blog Writing 101


You may know how important blog writing is to your real estate business, but you may not know where to start. Blogs are extremely powerful and a vital marketing strategy for achieving success in real estate. To learn some of the basics of blog writing, read on.

Learning the Basics

For starters, “blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” which is a term that describes websites that have an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog is typically written in first person, and its style is more casual than an article. With a blog, it is as if you are telling a story or sharing an idea with someone in a normal conversation, with the exception of everything being in writing.

Even for real estate, a blog can be personal or business focused. For instance, you can write a personal blog that shares with readers your own experience in buying a first home. Now, if you wanted to write a business blog, you could use this topic but change the focus to something like “tips when buying a first home.”

Shared Characteristics

Business and personal blogs share these characteristics:

  • A powerful and intriguing title

  • Main content that is useful, interesting, and helpful to the reader

  • Call to action that encourages readers to visit your real estate website, sign up for your newsletter, or contact you for assistance in buying or selling a property

The goal with any real estate blog is to provide excellent content. If readers are presented with outdated or boring content, there is a good chance they will never come back. If you offer readers fresh information and ideas on a specific topic, you entice them to return for more. However, honesty is essential, meaning that you can add personality to your blogs but must be truthful in what you share.

True Value

Of all the marketing tools you have at your disposal for building or growing a real estate business, blogging is without question one of the most valuable. After all, people are constantly on the hunt for great information. If they can find answers, be inspired, or gain insight from blogs that you write, your customer base will expand. By providing readers with fresh and innovative information on a consistent basis, your business will not just survive, but thrive.

As part of your blogs, you can also provide readers with photos, links, videos, and other enhancements that make them even more appealing. Of course, other marketing strategies are important, but if your goal is to have a highly successful real estate business, you simply cannot overlook the power of blogging.

Professional Blogging

If you are interested in blogging about subjects that pertain to real estate, The News Funnel is the right resource. Along with a wealth of information about real estate, we offer professional writing services to ensure your blog content is superior to others.



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