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Promotional Ideas for Real Estate Development


To promote different projects, it is imperative that you use multiple advertising and marketing strategies. For example, as a real estate developer, you want to create a marketing plan that focuses on targeting a specific audience using multiple channels. By creating a positive but also memorable brand, you have the opportunity to attract both buyers and investors for current, as well as future, projects.

Tips for Achieving Success

  • The Marketing Plan—The first and most important step is to create a solid marketing plan. Remember, this plan must include promotion, placement, product, and price, otherwise referred to as the “four Ps”. Promotion helps you determine the appropriate audience, placement allows you to find the proper channels for advertising, product determines the way your project is unique from others, and price reveals how plots of land for development are priced within a specific market compared to what other developers charge. For determining both content and delivery method of promoting your project, the for Ps are essential.

  • Print Advertising—Another way to promote your real estate development is by taking advantage of print advertising. Proven to work, you have multiple options such as direct mail solicitation and glossy magazine ads, among others. Be sure to include high-quality photographs of the project, as well as detailed descriptions about amenities and features, a solid pricing structure, and of course, your contact information. Whether used as a stand-alone marketing strategy or to complement another method, print advertising is effective.

  • Promotional Event—A great way to attract attention to your development project is by hosing a special promotional event. For instance, if your project consists of a luxury condominium with state-of-the-art appliances or perhaps high-tech smart home features, you can show those off during the grand opening. In addition to buyers seeing the amenities in person, you can pass out printed information for potential buyers to look at later without feeling obligated. Just make sure your promotional event is organized in a way that buyers will not forget.

  • Online Advertising—Promotion for your real estate development company is also possible through online advertising. In fact, when it comes to lead generation, online advertising is the fastest-growing venue. For this, you can provide customers with a virtual tour, taking them from room to room as if they’re seeing the property in person. For reaching a larger yet targeted audience, be sure to focus online advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

Staying on Top of Real Estate News

To be successful in the world of real estate, it is imperative that you stay on top of current news. Only then can you create blogs that readers want. If you want to create blogs but do not have the expertise required, you can turn to our professionals at The News Funnel, who are more than happy to assist.



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