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Private Partner Enlisted to Help Rejuvenate Redondo Pier and Harbor


Although Redondo Beach does not get the same level of foot traffic or offer the same destination status as nearby Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, the mayor, Steve Aspel, plans to change that. To attract more people, the city plans to  renovate the infrastructure of the Redondo Beach pier and waterfront, with an estimated repair costs of $108 million.

To finalize plans on the 35-acre development project known as Waterfront Redondo, the city of Redondo Beach is working with CenterCal Properties. Included in the proposal is a public open space stretched over 11 acres, improved swimming area and beach, boutique hotel, wider boardwalk, 700-seat specialty theater, public market, and retail space.

Redondo Beach Proposal

The proposal will be taken to the city of Redondo Beach in March, followed by the harbor commission and state coastal commission. If approved, Waterfront Redondo would yield a $70-million investment in the repair of infrastructure, as well as a tax revenue of $3.25 million and 2,500 jobs. Considering that the new development is comprised of roughly 300,000 square feet, this public redevelopment is a major undertaking by a private investor.

Chief executive of Kosmont Company, Larry J. Kosmont, served as the public finance and real estate consultant on the project. In identifying deficiencies, Kosmont’s team found that the pier needs serious repair, as does the crumbling parking structure. Redondo Beach entering into the CenterCal agreement would be a prime example of public and private partnership.

Mayor Aspel confirmed that both the pier and harbor are in dire need of repair. Many supporters see this as an opportunity to revitalize a place with a long and rich history. Part of the proposal being submitted by CenterCal is bringing the waterfront back to its original glory, including an intelligent fountain like the one at Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel, designed with synchronized jets and lights.

Although some people are pushing back, supporters are excited about the prospect of rejuvenating Redondo Beach. The proposal focuses on no new residential development, a flexible design highlighting local identity, and less than 20 percent retailing. Instead, there would be 24-hour activity including an improved seaside lagoon without chemically treated water, shopping hall where people can purchase organic produce and fresh seafood, and more.

Many business owners are so confident in the proposal to rejuvenate the Redondo Beach pier and harbor that they are willing to close their doors for the two-year construction period and relocate temporarily. Although the project is not without risk, most people believe everything will work out as planned.

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