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"Planting the seeds" of #CRE social media...a parody

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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, and in a time before fax machines, there lived a buffalo hunter and a seed farmer. Buffalos were plentiful and stupid, and would graze for hours on the grassy plains. Because the plains were overrun by these bountiful beasts, the seed farmer found very little land on which to plant, cultivate and harvest his seeds. Buffalo hunting was easy. These hoofed herbivores were so huge...and habitual, the hunter (without much skill or effort) in a couple of hours, could "harvest" all of the meat, hide, and hooves he and his family could consume. The hunting was so easy that other hunters were attracted to the harvest. Times were good to be a buffalo hunter! Eventually, the hunting became more difficult, the hunters outnumbered the hunted until the hairy hunted became extinct...what was the hunter to do?

As the hairy hunted's haunts (the grassy plains) became less populated by the buffalos, the seed farmer found acres of fertile soil from which to extract the Earth's green goodness...the seed crops. Although the growing cycle was long, the work tedious, the benefits and payback uncertain, the seed farmer continued to ply his trade. When the Earth's bonanza was broadcast, the seed farmer was overwhelmed with the crop. The seeds beget seeds, the output grew (sorry) and the seed farmer was able to feed his family plus many others.

Searching for new prey, the buffalo hunter happened upon the acres of seeds and decided to become a seed tough could it be, right? After all, he was a once successful buffalo hunter. Unfortunately, the buffalo hunter failed at seed farming. The hunting "skills" he possessed...sitting on his ass and shooting a large dumb beast didn't translate well with the skills required for seed farming...patience, perseverance, nurturing the seeds, follow up, and hard work. The buffalo hunter eventually was forced to sell fax machines...hmmm, how many of those are around today.

So are you a buffalo hunter or a seed farmer?


By: Allen Buchanan

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