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Overcoming a Slump when Handling Difficult Listings


Building and running a successful real estate business comes with challenges. For instance, you will face issues pertaining to difficult listings. However, instead of staying in a slump, you have viable options for overcoming those challenges to become an even better professional. Especially when selling real estate, slumps are a normal part of the business.

Some experts refer to slumps when dealing with difficult listings as a rite of passage, per se. After all, once you overcome the obstacle, you come out better, stronger, and more effective in your role as a real estate professional. Of course, while in the slump, you tend to feel defeated, as if you will never sell another property again.

When facing a slump over listings, start by reminding yourself that this is normal and something every real estate professional experiences. Also remember that once you come out on the other side, you will be more effective in how you sell. When faced with difficult listings, you might also consider some helpful advice offered by people who have been in your shoes.

Helpful Tips

  • Focus on the Process as Opposed to Progress—In real estate, you cannot always control results in the short term. However, what you can control is the process you follow. Therefore, you want to stay focused on the process, as opposed to progress. By doing so, you make a firm decision and consistently stick with it. For instance, set a number of people you will contact daily. That becomes your process, and if done on a consistent basis, it will help you overcome the challenge of difficult listings.

  • Steer into the Skid—As a driver, you known that when you’re sliding you are supposed to steer into the skid to gain control of the vehicle. Your natural instinct is to steer in the other direction, but by doing so, you risk flipping. The same is true when you’re in a slump because of difficult listings. Instead of steering away from the problem, face it by pushing into it. When in a slump, get motivated by posting your listings on social media sites, contacting clients, hosting open houses, and so on.

  • Put Things into Perspective—Rather than feeling defeated because of difficult listings, this is the time to put things into perspective. Being in a slump means that you were at the top. Otherwise, going down would be impossible. Therefore, recognize that you have what it takes to achieve success, and just as you reached the top before, you will do it again.

  • Connect with Successful People—When you’re struggling in the real estate market, it is imperative that you surround yourself with successful people. These individuals will encourage you, offer advice, share tips, and serve as mentors to get you through the slump.

Moving to Greater Heights

Another way to overcome a slump due to difficult listings is to improve on the quality of content provided to clients in blogs. For this, we have an incredibly talented team of writers at The News Funnel, who will guide you through the process or perform the writing on your behalf.



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