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Optimization Of Good Data In Hospitality

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When was the last time you had stumbled upon a great band?  Mine was Thursday night at 10:00 PM during the “Later with Jools Holland” TV program on Palladia; an MTV spin off. As I watched this obscure, “end of the good channels," network, the aura of possibility swept through my mind as a grin of past conquests rolled across my now, hapless jowls.  Jools’ claim to fame is that he was the former keyboard player in Squeeze (ok?). How he has become the epicenter of this new medium in music will be studied in future blogs. But, for now, we will parallel how one of his 8 guests, Future Islands, and their killer performance in his coliseum of coolness, has become a case study for hospitality data optimization.

It’s not that Future Islands is musically proficient; in fact, it’s immaterial.The notes they are playing frankly pale in comparison to what they are physically doing. Based out of Baltimore, MD (not exactly the Seattle of 1990) front man Samuel T Herring is daring to optimize. And, by virtue of his willingness to do so, he is yielding results that are driving global interest. What he is optimizing, however, is disturbing, awkward, confused, crazed and evokes many other afflictions the usual suspects would run from or try to pretend to be. 

This, my friends is “Authentique” and that’s what we are looking for in our branding and MESSEGING (next week’s fodder). I don’t know what these guys stand for, or even if I’ll ever watch again, but I know optimizing when I see it:


By: Joe Bezzone

President | BEZZONE



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