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OppSites Connects Cities and Developers


The most creative and elegant city plan in the world is of little use if it’s never implemented. Every plan, no matter how well thought out, requires a collaboration of city planners working side-by-side with real estate developers to unlock their community’s potential.

When cities aren’t connected with real estate developers, they miss out on economic growth, and developers miss out on opportunities.

This was the problem that prompted the creation of OppSites, which stands for opportunity sites and takes the task of connecting cities with real estate professionals to the web in a single online network.  

Cities can create a free profile and then highlight an unlimited number of properties whose redevelopment would help achieve their goals. Sites can be publicly owned, privately owned, for-sale, or even off-market, but every site on OppSites is primed for new investment.

Real estate investors, developers, and brokers can also sign up for a free membership on OppSites, and can conduct unlimited searches in cities across the country. When they find an opportunity site that piques their interest, they can access ownership and zoning information, and gain insight into the specific development types that have local political and community support necessary to streamline approval. Real estate professionals who wish to receive email alerts about new development oportunities can ‘Follow’ their favorite cities as part of a Premier membership.

To help assess opportunities, developers can connect with service providers such as architects, economists, land use attorneys, environmental engineers, title companies, and similar professionals having local expertise in a given region.

To enrich the economic development network, cities and economic development organizations can fill out their profile pages to highlight reasons for investing in their community, just as you might fill out your LinkedIn profile to help headhunters and colleagues get a sense of your professional accomplishments.

OppSites was started just a year ago in September of 2014, and is already in over 200 U.S. cities. The company’s CEO, Ian Ross has 15 years of city planning experience. This experience informs the company’s mission to unlock the economic potential of underutilized property, nationwide.

The site has received especially enthusiastic interest from smaller cities who can post sites to the platform for free, and can gain exposure to thousands of real estate developers using one of OppSites Premier membership plans.

OppSites continues to expand its reach and services, partnering and collaborating with groups like the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to broaden its scope.

Some call OppSites a “dating site for cities and developers”, and that is really the essence of the idea: a single professional network of cities, economic development organizations and real estate professionals focused on developing underutilized property. When a match is made, developers can contact the person at the city who posted the site, and get the ball rolling and the deal struck.

As city planning and commercial real estate stroll off into the 21st century, OppSites technology provides the platform for creating beautiful friendships.

OppSites is a single marketplace where cities and the investment community work together to unlock economic potential.  Cities Add underutilized Districts and Sites, and share local knowledge about what they want to see built.  Investors and developers Find underexposed real estate opportunities, and gain insight into markets primed for new investment.  To learn more about OppSites, please visit our site.



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