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The one thing a real estate professional cannot live without: Your smartphone.

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If you were to ask someone “What is your favorite piece of technology?”  I guarantee that the majority of responses would involve some brand of smartphone. This is not hard to believe since our society has become addicted to our phones. I have to admit, it’s one of the first things I reach for in the morning and it’s never farther than arms reach throughout my entire day.  I rely so heavily on my phone that I honestly don’t know if I could go an hour without it (except maybe when I have time to squeeze in a quick yoga class here and there). 

The popularity of the smartphone has allowed it to become a platform for innovation. Think of the number of cutting edge apps that are available now and being developed as we speak. A tech company can’t successfully enter into the market without being “mobile ready.” It is essential that information can be accessed in real-time and from anywhere.   

In the real estate industry this is more evident than ever.  Real estate professionals are constantly on the go.  Whether they are working from their car, their office, or their properties, they rely on their phones to help them serve their customers from anywhere. 

One of the top technology trends to watch for in 2014 is the BYOD (bring your own device) revolution. Most IT departments are letting brokers and agents use their own preferred mobile device in the work place, especially since this is an industry where the majority of agents are independent contractors.

So what exactly are realtors using their smartphones for throughout the day? Everything!  When first meeting a new lead, the first thing you would do is enter their contact info into your phone or maybe even your CRM via the mobile app. Every bit of nurturing you would provide throughout the early stages of your relationship with your new potential client (follow up calls, emails, or texts) would most likely be done through your smartphone.  The great thing is that we can now send property pictures, video tours, and even share listing locations right from our phones.  It is making our jobs and every day lives easier and more efficient than ever.  

Some may still be questioning the benefits of moving to the cloud but one of the primary benefits is being able to access information from anywhere and from any mobile device.  At REthink, we understand mobile is a trend that is not disappearing anytime soon.  Therefore, we encourage you to try running your real estate business in REthink CRM through the revolutionary Salesforce1 appDon’t let yourself fall behind the real estate tech trends! Start experiencing the benefits of some of the latest and greatest real estate technology that is emerging right now. 


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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