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OLD GUYS RULE...with Technology

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We've all seen the T-Shirts..."Old Guys Rule" a cute way of reminding our society that if you were born before MTV, you are not irrelevant...quite the might actually still have a kingdom! Michael Beckerman recently penned a post about those of us in the commercial real estate space that are over fifty AND have captured social media as an integral part of marketing our commercial real estate brand. Howard Kline, Coy Davidson, Duke Long, Linda Day Harrison, Barbi Reuter, and I...just to name a few of us, remember flat front pants...the first time they were popular!

I like to refer to this chapter of my life (I'm 57, BTW) as the "sir stage". If you doubt that the "sir stage" exists, take this test. If you share my chronology, see how many people refer to you as "sir" the next time you shop (Amazon doesn't count), eat out, or go to the car-wash. If you have a fade haircut (under 35), how do you respond to a customer or client that is over fifty? I'll wager that you call him "sir"...even if you don't hail from Georgia...where "sir" is mandatory...regardless of age.

So, just how is it that OLD GUYS RULE with Technology


We lived and worked BEFORE technology was affordable. I've said this many times, in many Location Advice posts, but technology makes things sooo much easier than the old ways of doing things. The preparation of a survey of available properties for an occupant tour used to take a week, now it takes thirty seconds...and the survey is in the client's inbox in one minute. Before, the only way to see a building was to visit it in person. Now, with the click of an app, a virtual tour is created.

We know MORE PEOPLE than you do. The sheer number of folks we know creates a hurdle that is solved by the use of do you stay in contact? Easy...Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube. 

We understand what SCARES people about technology. All of us OLD GUYS who have ventured onto the dark side of technology understand that some are afraid of the new reality. An example of this happened to me the other day as I listened to some grey hairs kapitzing about Twitter..."yeah, I don't use it and I don't believe my clients use it either". You can imagine the raised eyebrows, when I recounted the number of engagements Twitter had created for me. Because we understand the FEAR, we can empathize with credibility.

We are not afraid to CALL SOMEONE. OLD GUYS know that you gotta get a meeting (real or virtual) if you wanna make a deal...and we are not afraid to take an ONLINE relationship OFFLINE.

We are concerned about LEGACY. Blogs, videos, shared images, ALL are great ways to deposit our knowledge for the future. I can actually see my grandkids watching a Tuesday Traffic Tip someday and GrandDad was the MAN!

Yep!...and it's SIR to you sonny boy...


By: Allen Buchanan

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