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The newest media strategy for real estate companies that could change the industry!


There is a dramatic shift taking place in the real estate news and information sector; one that could have a long lasting impact. Before we get into that though, let's take a quick look back at the past few trends that have dominated the real estate media landscape.

1980's: The era of local media.

1990's: The era of trade media and national business media.

2000's: The Internet begins to change everything. Media moves online, and as a result, print and trade media suffers big time.

2010: Blogging becomes a powerful tool used by professionals and companies. User generated content starts to gain momentum.

2015: ???

So what is the latest trend beginning to take shape? Companies becoming media!

Once companies saw that there was a huge void in the media landscape for good, quality journalism, and tools to create this content became incredibly cost effective and easy to navigate, it was only a matter of time until companies recognized the power of this strategy.

Here are a few amazing examples...

CBRE: They rolled out their content website, Blueprint, this year.

JLL: Following suit to CBRE, JLL introduced their very own content site, Real Views, in 2015.

Hightower: Hightower’s has built a strong digital presence through their blog that covers anything from CRE news, trends, best practices and more.

Colliers International: Colliers launched their Insights blog to “inform, inspire, engage and entertain.”

Spaced: In conjunction with it’s mission to advise tenants to make smart real estate decisions and help brokers secure more clients, Spaced produces quality content about practical advice and tips.

RealConnex: RealConnex is a meeting place for real estate professionals to connect, network and transact in this day and age. Their blog also aims to educate industry professionals about trends in the marketplace.

The interesting part of this trend is that it takes the blogging phenomenon to the next level. Rather than just posting on someone else's platform or hosting on their own site, the underlying trend is that many of these new sites are stand-alone and traffic destinations on their own.

The benefits are obvious, including establishing a thought leadership image and brand, driving traffic, as well as amazing SEO implications.

Does this mean that great journalists at the major, established media centers are threatened? Not at all. But does it mean that increasingly, companies will be creating some amazing, objective and thoughtful content that they host on either their site or by building a separate site, YES!

As a platform that organizes and curates thousands of sources of real estate content, The News Funnel welcomes such developments. The more content for more sources, the better for the industry to promote itself and educate others.



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