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New Trend: Shipping Containers Being Transformed into Office Space


Recycling has taken on a brand-new meaning. While you might have heard of repurposed furniture, now you can choose a repurposed shipping container as a beautiful office. Although it might sound odd, this is actually a hot trend that is being seen all over the country.

Instead of spending a significant amount of money to have a new office building constructed, you can save both money and time by choosing a transformed shipping container. Although these containers can be used by anyone, they have become a popular choice among startup businesses that tend to be on much tighter budget.

For years, shipping containers have been tossed aside; then, someone came up with the idea to repurpose them. Today, companies around the world are using shipping containers for comfortable office space as well as retail shops, homes, and more.

Compared to leasing or buying an existing building or having a new office built, the biggest advantage to shipping containers is their low cost. When purchased, you will receive a bare container that can be painted and modified according to your preference. All you need is a plot of land on which to place the container and some assistance from a contractor in having the container securely fastened to the ground or concrete slab.

Shipping containers offer adequate work and storage space; they can be used as-is after making some general upgrades or fitted with state-of-the-art amenities. In fact, depending on the budget and the overall look you want to achieve, some people use shipping containers as the foundation on which to have conventional construction performed.

Endless Possibilities

There are endless possibilities when it comes to shipping containers. Once transformed, these containers look like lavish office buildings without spending a fortune. However, these containers are also commonly used as emergency hospitals and clinics, cafes, hotels, workshops, portable bathrooms, vacation homes, student housing, indoor gardens/nurseries, and even outdoor swimming pools.

Because shipping containers are typically a solid piece of metal, some work is required. For instance, you may decide to have windows installed; it also will need a door, flooring, insulation, lighting, and other infrastructure required for operating a business. However, when compared to other options, this is an exceptional value and a great conversation starter.

Because the demand for shipping containers that have been transformed into office space is on the rise, you will find a long list of qualified professionals to work with. Together, you can go over your vision and come up with a viable plan for bringing it to fruition. In no time, you will have an office that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, safe, and innovative.

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