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New Gadgets are Coming to Homes and Offices in 2015


2015 looks set to be an exciting year for gadgets, both for homes and office spaces. From the Oculus Rift through to the Logbar ring, the technology that we’re embracing is becoming more progressive and innovative every year. This could completely change our day-to-day lives including how we do things during our time at work and in our spare time at home.

Below we’re going to take a look at the best gadgets you can expect to come across in 2015. There’s some pretty inspiring stuff heading our way, so take some inspiration from the list and invest!

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is set to provide people with access to virtual reality gaming in their homes.

The idea isn’t really new, but it’s this model that looks set to revolutionise the gaming industry. The technology boasts 960 x 1080 resolution display for each eye and even a 100 degree field of view.

This really is the next big thing in virtual reality gaming, so expect to experience the Oculus Rift for yourself first hand very, very soon.


One for those out there who’d like better control of the temperatures in their home, Ecovent provides a smart and handy solution to controlling your temperature room by room.

You simply install a sensor in each space you want to monitor, replace your vents with the special ecovents, and download the app onto your mobile device, whether that be tablet or phone.

This all syncs together, and real time information is fed to the mobile device. You can then proceed to adjust the temperature of your rooms via the app on your phone. This is a great way to have more control over your home, and also over your heating bills.

Logbar Ring

By connecting to the cloud, Logbar Ring allows you to control things such as your television with a flick of your finger.

This piece of tech can make you feel like you’re some kind of superhero, and you can create your own specific gestures to do exactly as you like.

However, there is room for improvement. At the moment, the ring works by connecting to your smartphone, and it won’t function if the device is more than 2 metres away. This already makes the ring feel a little limited, and there’s also been some negative reviews regarding the functionality of the device.

However, if they keep developing and improving the Logbar Ring, they really could be on to something great.


Describing itself as a ‘smart doorbell’ the Doorbird brings the humble front door into the 21st century.

You can open your front door and even communicate with whoever rings your doorbell no matter where you are in the world, all via your smartphone. This can be a great tool whether installed at home or in the office, and you’ll never miss a delivery or visitor ever again.

Of course, there are potential security issues with this, but if the Doorbird tries to account for this and includes motion sensors, so that even if people don’t ring the doorbell, you’ll be alerted that they are there. You can also set off an alarm if there is an intruder near your home - and we all know they don’t tend to stick around when this happens.

This technology could revolutionise the humble art of answering the front door and make our homes just that little bit more secure.

SleepIQ Kids Bed

Designed as a smart bed for children, the SleepIQ Kids Bed monitors your child's sleeping pattern and logs it via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

It can also be programmed to monitor the parents too, meaning the whole family can work on ensuring that they get a great nights sleep.

The kid’s bed moves in sync with your child’s sleeping patterns, and it even lifts up into a more upright position so they can sleep better when they have a cold.

Of course, one might worry that a child may become used to such comfort that they won’t be able to sleep in a normal bed, but who knows.

Maybe smart beds are the future, and the kids are simply just getting a head start.

New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer

One of the big talking points in terms of new gadgets is 3D printers. Whether you use these in the home or in the office, 3D printers are opening a whole new printing experience.

The New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer is an affordable way for everyone to be able to print in 3D.

In terms of what you can print, there are a variety of things you can download from the New Matter store that the printer will set to work creating.

It really is an eyeopening process to watch, and is sure to impress anyone who comes into your home or office.

Petcube Remote Pet Sitting

For those who are in the office, or simply out of the house in general, the Petcube Remote Pet Sitting allows you to interact with your pet from a distance.

You can talk to them, monitor their movements via a webcam and you can even play with them.

The Petcube works via wi-fi, and there’s a laser point installed that will allow you to play with them too.

The technology was funded by a kickstarter scheme, and is now available to buy for $199.

This really is a must have piece of technology for those who want to feel closer to their pets when they have to be elsewhere.

Gadgets and Recruitment

These are just a few of the innovative gadgets that are expected to wind their way into our homes and offices during 2015. Some of them currently work better than others, and some are perhaps more useful overall, yet each one is inspiring and innovative in equal measure.

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