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Must-Read Real Estate Blogs for Dramatic Marketing Success


Are you tired of following the pack instead of leading it? Are you ready to do something that will enhance your real estate business? If you answered yes, get ready to experience significant success by using the appropriate marketing strategy.

Without question, blogs are a powerful tool. Through blogs, you have the ability to reach literally millions of people while building a loyal following. Of course, this means you have to create blogs that people want to read. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by learning from others who have achieved tremendous success. Knowledge is always the foundation on which to build. To gain insight, spend time reading some of the best real estate blogs in existence.

Top-Rated Real Estate Blogs

  • Bill Gassett—To increase your knowledge of real estate while learning how to be more effective with blogging as an agent or broker, turn to Bill, who offers insight based on years of experience.

  • RIS MediaRIS Media focuses primarily on actionable marketing. With a quick search, you will locate marketing articles, advice, and tips specific to real estate from 500 of the top brokers in the industry.

  • BombBomb—Through BombBomb, you will find blogs loaded with helpful ways to grow your real estate business using email. Of all the marketing strategies currently used, email remains the most profitable. Therefore, it is to your benefit to learn everything possible by going through these blogs.

  • Tom Ferry—If your goal is to sell more houses, this is the blog to read. Full of helpful articles, Tom’s blog covers a broad range of topics that get results.

  • Real Geeks—What makes this real estate blog so unique is that it focuses on individual agents’ case studies. Included are blogs, as well as a massive video library. If you are feeling uninspired, this blog will help ignite your passion for selling real estate.

  • Geek Estate—If you are interested in blogging about innovative technology in relation to the real estate industry, this is the blog to read. Through an array of articles, you will learn about upcoming trends and more.

  • Backlinko—Many of the most successful real estate agents and brokers believe strongly in SEO. On this blog, you have access to a significant amount of SEO-specific articles, which offer sound and professional advice.

  • AgentsBoost—These weekly blogs will help you learn effective scripts as well as business development techniques, and work smarter.

  • Easy Agent Pro—For outstanding articles on marketing ideas and SEO tips, this blog is superior. In fact, when first created, the focus was to help real estate agents like you become more efficient and effective.

  • Tyler Smith—Known as the TyCloud blog, this site is where Tyler presents an incredible video series that will make you a better real estate agent. While his blogs consist of short and quirky tips, they work amazingly well.

Creating Blogs

You have the opportunity to learn from professional bloggers associated with the real estate industry, and can take that knowledge and become a great blogger yourself. Initially, you might need some assistance. In addition to having professional writing services, The News Funnel offers a full library of real estate-related blogs for further inspiration and guidance.



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