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Millennials Show Increased Interest in Urban Gardens


According to a national survey, millennials who live in the city are 50% more likely to garden compared to people from older generations. Millennials, which are people who range in age between 18 and 34, deal with challenges unique to the time such as blossoming inflation, a fluctuating economy, and an un-scalable cost of living scale.

However, similar to past generations, this group of people has also discovered practical and creative ways to deal with economic challenges. For instance, millennials often take an innovative approach to living frugally by turning small living quarters into cultural trends. Especially when it comes to gardening, millennials who appreciate healthy and organic food, find ways to grow crops even while living in the heart of the city.

Urban Burbs

Rather than live in suburban areas, millennials created urban burbs, which are small cities within a suburb. Referred to as walkable communities, these areas offer options for ground floor restaurants, shopping, and retail while having opportunities for luxurious residential units on the upper floors or within close proximity. What makes these areas even more special is the chance to garden.

City Gardening

In addition to learning that millennials who reside in urban settings are 50% more likely to garden compared to non-millennials, a survey showed that in the United States, 17% of millennials practice some form of urban gardening. Furthermore, the survey revealed that an additional 35% around the country have interest in learning how to garden.

Considering the tremendous benefit economically, it is not surprising to find that urban gardening is something millennials are interested in doing. Even in areas with harsh restrictions, people can grow fresh produce, which in turn promotes healthier home cooking while contributing to the design element of the complex and purifying the air.

Urban Gardening Options

Millennials have several viable options when it comes to urban gardening. For example, they can benefit from a shared plot in which multiple people participate. Whether built on private property of a family member or a shared rooftop of the apartment building, this makes a great community project.

Another option is with container gardening. Just as the name implies, this entails growing plants in containers such as crates, pallets, pots, old milk jugs, discarded plastic pop bottles, and so on. With container gardening, all types of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and flowers are grown, and without a tremendous amount of effort or space.

There is also vertical gardening, which involves using vertical space opposed to horizontal. For small areas, this is an excellent idea. With vertical gardening, millennials can use just about anything to include decorative chains that suspend repurposed over-the-door shoe organizers, pallets, and perforated PVC piping.

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