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Market Research: Surveying the Field for Priming Your Brand


The strength and position of your brand is essential to success. Your brand needs to represent something specific. Unfortunately, your brand may have become stagnant, or perhaps your product/service no longer matches the company’s original name. Perceptions of your brand come from different people, including existing and potential customers, partners, employees, influencers, industry analysts, and more.

Everyone builds an image in their mind of what your real estate company is about, and the type as well as caliber of service provided. Based on quality, the type of solutions offered, and the level of services provided, people will decide whether or not to conduct business with you. Therefore, it is important to know if and when your brand needs updating.

Things like a refreshed logo and new tag line are important. In fact, you may realize that your company name needs changing, which is a huge decision. To determine what potential and existing customers know about your brand, consider using a carefully crafted survey. Sometimes priming your brand involves nothing more than a little modernization, whereas other times, a completely new approach is required.

Helpful Tips

The ultimate goal is to gain insight into specific areas. By taking the survey approach, you gain a tremendous amount of knowledge.

  1. Brand Recognition—For this, respondents of the brand awareness survey are given a list of companies and asked to identify them. This helps you determine how well your customers understand and recognize brands.

  2. Brand Recall—In this case, respondents are provided with an unaided question pertaining to which brand comes to mind. For instance, when thinking about a specific solution or market, respondents would be asked to think about a particular brand. On the survey, no options are provided.

  3. Brand Identity—This tests the attributes that respondents associate with your real estate company. As a result, you learn whether your marketing efforts have been effective when presenting your brand to a targeted audience.

  4. Brand Image—The image is based on the perception of the customer alone. Tracking disparities in the image and marketing often reveals vital gaps in your marketing strategies and the results achieved.

  5. Brand Trust—While this question is relatively discreet, the goal is to measure how trustworthy your audience feels your brand is. As part of this, you need to understand both retention trends and client acquisition.

  6. Brand Loyalty—One of the best ways to win over new clients is by having loyal clients. Therefore, it is important to track loyalty, which reveals whether customer relationships are strong and whether visitors are converting to viable customers.

Achieving Success

There is a lot that goes into being a successful real estate professional. In addition to using market research for priming a new brand, you need compelling content that draws people in. Even if you have written personal and/or business blogs for years, it never hurts to get help from seasoned writers. At The News Funnel, we offer a massive library of information and writing assistance.



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