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Making MONEY with Social Media...HERE IS HOW!


As I have written about previously, I get asked two questions frequently: 

1. Are you making any money with that Social Media stuff?

2. How much time do you spend?

The answers are:

1. Yes

2. Much less time than you imagine.

See you next week...

Just kidding. OK, let me 'splain. Here's the deal. Think about your craft. Many here are brokers or are in some area of the CRE trade. Others are marketing professionals. Maybe you are a budding technology start-up. Others are in the hybrid promote your brokerage company through social media...IE: Barbi Reuter with PICOR or Erik Hamilton with my firm, Lee and Associates.

We ALL have various paths to the goal line, BUT, we must secure NEW BUSINESS somehow, right? There are only four ways that I know how to generate NEW BUSINESS and that is through:

1. Referrals

2. Public Relations

3. Advertising

4. Cold Calling...that's it!

OK, you say, but what about NETWORKING? ...and I say, NETWORKING is a means to generate REFERRALS. But how about a sign in front of a building?...and I say, SIGNAGE is a form of ADVERTISING. Well, you ask, where does SOCIAL MEDIA or CONTENT MARKETING fit?...and I would say that SOCIAL MEDIA/CONTENT MARKETING is ALL FOUR of the above in some combination.


Start with the LISTENING...what are your customers talking about? Remember if you are a CRE broker, another broker COULD BE a have an owner, she has an occupant...shall we dance?

Add some VALUE. Your customers are discussing roof maintenance. You search for an article that speaks to the issue and post it in the convo...youv'e now established yourself as an authority...the "go to" for issues relating to roof maintenance.

LISTEN some more.

Take the ONLINE, OFFLINE. In other words, ENGAGE! Give 'em a call. I received a tweet from a fellow broker today regarding my Traffic Tips. He works in a market where Lee isn't represented. He and I are chatting later today about opening an office in his market.

RINSE and REPEAT. As you multiply your engagements, you are establishing a REFERRAL NETWORK unlike any other. It would be impossible to meet THAT MANY PEOPLE through face-to-face contact or attending networking events.

Now, if the above seems a bit ethereal...let me add some dollars and sense (sp).

165,000 sf lease generated from a LinkedIn post..HE CALLED ME.

15,000 sf lease with an existing client in a market that Lee was unrepresented. I teamed with Coy Davidson in Houston to affect this deal. COY and I met using the steps above.

4,000-10,000 sf each (four office leases, with the same client) from Facebook. SHE CALLED ME.

60,000 sf lease generated from a LinkedIn post. HE CALLED ME.

5,000 sf warehouse lease in a market where Lee is unrepresented. I asked Barbi Reuter for a referral.

Many, many more are in the works. I didn't EVEN mention the referrals that I have GIVEN...another post!

By: Allen Buchanan
Principal | Lee & Associates
(714) 564-7104
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