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Make it Rain with the Cloud

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Are you wondering what all the hype is about with the cloud? If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon already, you may want to take note since cloud computing is one of the hottest tech trends. Currently 37% of small businesses are already using the cloud and over the next 6 years that percentage is going to increase to 80%! Therefore, this is not just another tech fad; the cloud is here to stay.

I am sure you have already heard of those buzz words flying around about the benefits of the cloud: reduces costs, increases efficiency, eliminates human error, real-time collaboration, less overhead, automation, visibility, the list goes on and on. You are probably just wondering how the cloud will help your brokerage close more deals?  That is a great question, so I will show you how the cloud is changing the real estate game for the better and some strategies you should consider for converting your RE brokerage.

#1 Desktop is dead. The future is in the cloud – Embrace the change! This is very exciting for real estate specifically because now you can close deals whenever and wherever. You are no longer chained to your desk and those antiquated processes. Say goodbye to the hard drive and worrying about the safety of your data on your computer, because it can now be stored securely in the cloud keeping your sensitive data safe.

#2 The Mobile Revolution – Now that you can run your entire life from your phone, you should be able to run your business on a mobile app as well.  You can use real estate specific, cloud-based apps like REthink CRM to store all of your leads, contacts, offers, and transactions from your entire brokerage in one consolidated location, the cloud.  Take your business wherever you go.

#3. Going green – This is a common trend across the world right now whether it is by recycling in your energy efficient buildings and homes or heading to the office with a green smoothie in hand, everyone is going green. Another way you can live a green lifestyle is by converting your office to a paperless one by using tools like Echosign, Evernote, Google Apps, or Dropbox, all of which can integrate seamlessly with a CRM like REthink and are powered by the cloud.  Talk about improving efficiencies!

#4 Automation – If you really want to step up your game with your clients, automation is the key to your success.  You should not have to waste your valuable time entering in data and trying to keep track of everything in an excel doc or on a post it note.  Be the superhero of your brokerage by letting tools like REthink automate your lead follow up, resulting in happier clients, and ultimately close deals quicker due to your high-touch service. 

The bottom line is you need to make the move to the cloud so you don’t run the risk of getting left behind!


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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