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Landing Real Estate Deals with Effective Blogs


As the US housing market continues to strengthen, competition intensifies for real estate agents. After all, the number of mortgage loan applications is at the highest level in years, which means that more people are buying. As an agent, you have a better opportunity to sell homes, but so do other agents. For that reason, you need something that helps you stand out as having expertise in helping buyers find the perfect home and at the right price.

Although there are many excellent marketing strategies, one of the most effective is a simple, 300-word blog. Today, blogs have become powerful when starting or growing a real estate business. In either case, when you provide both existing and potential homebuyers with interesting, informative, original, and reader-friendly content in the form of a blog, incredible things begin to happen.

Staying Focused

Today’s buyer is smart. This could be because people are more cautious following the housing market crash and recession, but for whatever reason, many people are waiting longer to make a purchase. Homebuyers spend time conducting research on potential properties and the market as a whole, interest rates, loan terms, neighborhoods, community amenities … and the list goes on. As a professional real estate agent, you can provide buyers with this and other information that prompts them to choose your services over what someone else offers.

This is not to say that you should toss other marketing strategies aside; just that if you want to reach a new level of success, blogs are imperative. No matter the topic of the blog, you want to be creative and imaginative. Try to think of things that potential buyers would be interested in knowing beyond the norm.

In addition, your blogs must always cater to a targeted audience. In other words, when creating blogs, keep the age and lifestyle of the people you hope to reach in mind. If you have an upscale home going on the market, you want to write blogs pertaining to that property with some level of sophistication and flair so they connect with the right people. On the other hand, if you are selling to a younger pool of buyers, focus on the lifestyle surrounding a particular home or community.

Be sure that you include other blogs as well. This might include information or news about renting, investing, home remodeling, and much more. Just make sure the content of your blogs is relevant and something that is beneficial to buyers. Remember, the goal is to provide information and solutions, so focus your blogs with that in mind.

Creating the Perfect Blog

Blogging, like anything else, has a learning curve, but with determination and making changes when necessary, your blogs can have a huge impact on the status of your real estate business. If you feel you need assistance, one of the many talented writers at The News Funnel would be more than happy to assist.



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