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Key Marketing Tools Used by Top Realtors


With real estate being such a competitive market, especially now that housing inventory is low throughout the country, a good real estate agent needs to use a variety of tools to succeed. A big part of working in real estate is marketing, which can be done in a variety of ways. Typically, a realtor will use several strategies combined to make the strongest impact.

Top Tools

Sometimes, a realtor will use just one marketing tool and achieve great success while other times multiple tools are used until one or a few are found to be most effective. Regardless, the goal is to consider all options and then make choices and adjustments accordingly.

  • Characteristics – Most real estate professionals never think of their own characteristics as being a marketing tool but they are. After all, there is a definite art to selling homes. A realtor must be able to guide the sale of a home, which can be done by possessing certain characteristics. For example, a good realtor must be extremely organized, have excellent communication skills, make strong connections, and be a good representation not only for the market but also the seller and buyer.


  • Technology – Selling homes today is very different from years ago. Now, most realtors rely heavily on different technological devices and programs unlike the good old days of handing out business cards in person and holding open houses. Fortunately, because demand for better marketing tools is high, innovative solutions are currently available. This includes better online programs but also organizers, schedulers, 3D video presentations, and more.


  • Calculator – When talking about calculators used by real estate professionals for marketing, these are not ordinary calculators. Instead, high-end calculators are designed to show potential buyers the value of a home and the cost of a mortgage. In turn, this puts the realtor in a position of authority but also steers the buyer to the appropriate home rather than wasting time on something outside the budget.


  • Online Presentations – As mentioned, there are now a number of marketing tools used by realtors that actually generate, present, and transform 3D models. Using one of these programs, a realtor can create an animation of a particular property to add to a website or show to serious buyers.


  • Photos with Voices – There are also unique video recording applications used by realtors as a highly effective marketing tool. With one of these programs, photos can be captured of anything associated with a listing. Once finished, a touch screen is used to begin the audio recording whereby commentaries appear in a slideshow in connection with the associated photo.


  • Lead Generation – One of the most powerful of all marketing strategies used by real estate professionals is lead generation. For this, realtors have a number of tool options. For instance, there are numerous programs designed to make it easier for realtors to connect. As a result, literally thousands of agents have the opportunity to network.

Creating a Strong Presence

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