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Key Elements of a Successful Real Estate Website


To have a competitive real estate website, you need high traffic and repeat customers. Two of the most critical aspects of any successful site are search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation. Unless you have these two things nailed, achieving success will be hard.

Community Information Pages

As part of your real estate website, you need a community information page that people flock to and tracking capabilities. If you are not using analytics to determine the pages that are attracting and capturing the most visitors, you have no way of knowing which pages need modification and improvement. There are many free analytics tools, but Google Analytics is one of the most efficient.

You need to pay special attention to your community information page. This one page is consistently in the top 10 pages just behind the homepage, MLS search, and property details page for all of the categories listed below:

  • Highest average time per session

  • Most sessions, which equals visitors

  • Most effective for visitor-to-conversion

Website Visitors

As a real estate professional working, you must also know how your website is being used by visitors. People who visit your site come through a paid search result or an organic search. Typically, visitors are interested in looking at real estate properties on the market, which is why they sought out your site in the first place.

Many people will immediately go to the featured properties page; if not, they are searching using the MLS tool provided on your site. After looking at several properties, you hope visitors will convert. However, they may leave only to come back later or continue with research for communities in which you specialize. This is exactly where your community information pages play such a critical role.

It is imperative for these pages to be informative, original, interesting, and written professionally. The information provided and the way it is presented will determine if visitors make an inquiry. Weak pages will do nothing for you while strong pages will convert visitors into viable customers.

Remember, the keys of a successful real estate site are strong SEO and lead generation through community information pages. Keep the information clear and concise, make pages easy to navigate, use specific titles, provide social sharing options, and include prominent calls to action.

Professional and Business Blogs

For both types of blogs, we would love to help by creating superior content. In addition to our professional writing assistance at The News Funnel, you will have access to a wealth of information about real estate through articles and blogs.



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