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It’s Time to Transform How You Manage Your Teams


As pleasurable as it is to grow a company, with that success come some obvious challenges. Real estate is not immune to these challenges.

We talk to owners and brokers at larger firms all the time, and they share some common concerns. As their offices and teams proliferate they really struggle to maintain visibility into what’s going on in the business, and they worry that they have less and less influence over how the business operates.

What these execs need is pretty basic. They want to know what their people are doing. They want to know who’s performing well, and who needs help. They want to be confident that their people follow procedures that they’ve put in place. They want employees talking to each other and finding opportunities to help each other and the business.

There are entire library bookshelves full of advice on this topic, written by authorities whose insights I can’t touch. But there is a role for technology here, and that is something I am qualified to write about.

Software can let a broker, owner or office manager

  • see how many calls and emails an agent has sent
  • track what deals an agent is working on and where each transaction stands
  • measure each agent’s progress toward his or her performance objectives
  • put repeatable business processes in place that enforce proper information and document flow and other procedures
  • create a collaborative environment where agents can, for example, see when they have a property that a colleague’s client would be interested in
  • delegate tasks like scheduling to office staff, and have event notifications and alerts go to agents’ phones

This kind of automation and accountability can transform an executive’s ability to effectively manage a firm. Do these things and you will have more visibility into your firm’s operations. You’ll know more and you’ll be less reactive. You will work more efficiently as a firm, and you’ll gain a reputation for operational excellence.

And this in turn will bring you more clients and better talent.


By: Don Roedner

Sr. Director of MarketingThink Tech Labs





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