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Some may have more of a “love/hate” relationship with technology, but when using the right technology, it can make our lives substantially easier. Below are some challenges faced daily in CRE and some technology game changers that are making lives a little less stressful.

For Buildings:

Connectivity: In apartments, hotels, cars, buses, trains, airplanes, offices, cafes, restaurants, stores, or even the park, people never want to feel disconnected  Therefore, businesses are offering free Wifi is available for their customers.

Collaboration: Crowdfunding, a new trend in CRE, is empowering everyone to invest in real estate deals promising less hassle and a better return on investments. 

Offices are also getting a makeover. Now that many companies allow employees to work remotely, they are equipping their offices with the appropriate teleconferencing technology to create virtual meeting spaces or “plug and go” stations to make it easier to collaborate with team members.

Cost Conscious: Who wouldn’t like to save a little money here and there? Companies are coming out with tools like smart thermostats that adjust based on your preferences and lighting systems that will turn off automatically if someone leaves the room, allowing companies to cut down their overhead costs.

For Brokerages:

Mobile: First thing you reach for each morning is your smartphone to see how many emails you were cc’d on overnight and what meetings you have scheduled for the day. On your way to work, downing as much coffee as possible, you check your News Funnel app, searching for CRE stories to repost on Twitter or LinkedIn.  On property tours, you reference your CRM to get an idea of your client’s preferences. As you head home, you make a few final follow-up calls. In CRE, being mobile is a must!

Time Management: Is your client information spread throughout Excel, random Post-it notes, your smartphone, and email inbox? If you are feeling a little scattered, it may be time for you to invest in a CRM, like REthink. Store all of your companies and contacts, receive follow-up reminders, organize your calendar, view every email, call, note, or attachment right on the contact or company page.

Document Management: Documents can be stored in your CRM, but there are also solutions, such as Google Apps or Box (both integrate with REthink). These tools allow you to upload and collaborate on documents from any device.

Business Processes running smoothly: What if you could automate your business processes to save time doing “busy work” and allow you to focus more on closing the deal?  With tools like REthink, you can automate your lead follow-up, listing check-lists, and the offer/ transaction processes.

Collaboration: Tools like Google Apps, Box, Docusign/ Echosign, and even REthink have social features that make collaboration effortless.

Technology is heavily impacting the way properties are being managed and the way we are running our CRE brokerages. Once we embrace the change, we can use these new technologies to our advantage. 

By: Chelsea MacDade


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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