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It's Important to Win the Mobile Moment

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “mobile moment?” This is a term I first heard when hearing Forrester’s CEO, George Colony, speak at Dreamforce 2014. Forrester defines a mobile moment as “a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context.” 

Let me give you some examples of “winning the mobile moment:”

- Nest Thermostat: The next generation thermostat can be adjusted from your phone and will learn your ideal temperatures so that it can adapt based on your preferences.

- Uber: Request a car service from an app on your phone to pick up yourself or even a client and take them to a property showing and the best part is, no cash required. The entire ride is paid via your mobile phone.

- Cam Scanner: Snap a quick pic of a listing agreement on your smart phone and email the PDF to a client to sign and return. No more fax machines needed.

- REthink: During a client meeting, pull up your client’s profile on the Salesforce 1 app to remind yourself of their property preferences and the ones that fit their criteria. Present a listing to them right there on your iPad, showing off the images in the listing image gallery.

- Travel: Receive flight updates and notifications via text, or through the airline’s app, as you rush to make your flight. Book your hotel reservation on the Hotel Tonight app as you’re getting off the plane and are headed to your next meeting.

- Payment: No longer do you need to remember your checkbook or cash to pay a bill or transfer money to a friend, now you can use apps like Venmo or Paypal to transfer money instantly.

These are just a few examples of companies that are winning the mobile moments. To see more examples checkout: Forrester’s Favorite Mobile Moments.

In today’s world, the mindset of customers has shifted to a mobile one. It is almost expected to have access information or a service on any device at the exact moment when needed. Therefore, when a company can win mobile moments, it results in delighted customers and increases loyalty to the brand.

In real estate, an industry where being mobile and accessible is imperative, mobile moments will happen regularly throughout the day, whether you notice them or not. But, the next time you do notice one, think about how it makes you feel about the company that won that mobile moment and what you can do to win similar moments with your own clients.  George Colony’s closing words during his keynote were: “every company will be a software company in the future.” How can you, as a real estate agent or broker, become more of a software company and start winning the mobile moments?


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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