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Influencers are the Key to Brand Identification

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I hear this a lot: “we need a brand”. And then, by some magical interaction of dimensional space and myocardial infarction, a brand arrives in the nick of time, mostly through divine intervention, that is relevant and pleasing to the client. True "branding people" are harder to find than you think, and cost a fortune. Hey, it takes money to make money, right? But, this blog is unveiling, for the first time, the secrets of how and why people succeed in the hospitality field. To recap, the truth is, you can’t create a valuable brand without crafting a personal vision that targets a primary demographic with identified influencers. Everything else is just guessing.

Identifying influencers is more science then skill. In our last blog, we established that Vince Lombardi was an influencer of the National Football League; not sure he was making Randy Gerber’s list, but who knows? Vince represented the good tenets of the American male, at the time, and his presence, thoughts, words, actions and wishes influenced the game. The men before him at iconic institutional brands, like Notre Dame, inspired Vince, and he, in turn, inspired others. Lombardi was omnipresent and the game prospered because of men like him.

Sometimes the Influencers are obvious, sometimes they warrant identification and sometimes they need to be created. For example, if your personal vision was a punk rock inspired hotel, and you were targeting disenfranchised teens in 1980 from Essex London and the Lower East side of Manhattan (now in their 50’s, if they made it…) I wouldn’t look in Albert Hall or The Met to find the new Johnny Rotten (anarchy!!!).

Whatever the course of action, the true influencer brings invaluable knowledge to the target demographic and opens the door to the creation of the next tool in successful hospitality: the “interactive dialogue”, where the brand and their guest ambassadors can communicate, formulate and cohabitate (the last one is for symmetrical purpose).


By: Joe Bezzone

President | BEZZONE



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