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Increasing Value with Tech-Savvy Home Upgrades


The founding principle of real estate is to buy low and sell high. Obviously, people selling a home want the highest price possible while those buying want an outstanding home for a great value. For sellers, the good news is that by making appropriate tech-savvy upgrades, there is a way to get more value from the home.

Especially within real estate, technology is booming. Today, many buyers look for special bonuses, and by providing them, there is the potential of getting a higher selling price. For example, numerous buyers are interested in environmentally friendly and efficient home technology. These upgrades benefit the earth and the green movement, which is what the buyer wants, while adding value to the seller.

Coldwell Banker recently conducted a survey in which 500 real estate agents researched what buyers want specific to technology. Two out of three agents found that most homebuyers are interested in smart homes, a significant jump from just a few years ago. Agents also reported that buyers are willing to spend more for a smart home.

The primary reason is that a large number of buyers have children still under the age of 18. These buyers want safer, cleaner, and more efficient homes in which to raise children. However, smart homes are also in high demand for buyers who have no children at home. The bottom line is that smart homes attract buyers who are willing to pay top dollar, just what sellers want.

Top Security

For buyers who want an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly place to live, smart homes are the perfect solution. However, among the most desired technological advances is security. Crime occurs throughout the country, even in small rural communities. Because of this, top security features will go a long way in boosting the sales price of a home.

Something as simple as biometric locks will make a significant difference in adding value. Of course, sellers can also invest in a full-blown security system or beef up security by adding a wireless surveillance system. When it comes to home security, the options are incredible and affordable.

For the agent listing the home for sale, it is imperative to focus heavily on tech-savvy upgrades, especially those in greatest demand. This coupled with listing other amenities of the home will draw in a greater number of potential buyers and increase the chance of selling above the listing price.

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