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Improving Current Content Marketing Strategies


Among the different marketing strategies, content marketing has become a major component, regardless of business size. Among business-to-consumer marketers, 37 percent have an actual documented strategy for content marketing while 61 percent of effective business-to-business marketers meet with a content marketing team on a daily or weekly basis.

Devising a Plan

When done correctly, content marketing can produce outstanding results. Since we’re barely into 2016, this is the perfect time for you to devise a plan.

  • Beyond Blogging—Although blogs are critical for good marketing, you never want to assume that a blog is enough to satisfy efforts for content marketing. As part of your strategy, include different types of content, including podcasts, eBooks, webinars, infographics, vlogs, and so on. By creating a mix of content, you reach a larger yet still targeted audience.

  • Free Information—Many people have a fear of giving out free information but in reality, if you want to become more successful with your real estate business, this too is an improved content marketing strategy. Instead of holding back, provide existing and potential clients with valuable information at no charge. By doing so on a regular basis and without asking for anything in return, you begin to gain trust and convert warm leads into viable sales.

  • Beneficial Content Marketing—Regardless of the business, content marketing is beneficial. However, you must tailor the approach for each customer in a unique way. While you can often win over a business-to-consumer customer by offering compelling stories that trigger emotion, a business-to-business customer will look for valuable information backed by data.

  • Key Performance Indicators—The only way to determine whether your content marketing is successful is by using key performance indicators. This allows you to gauge success or failure so you can make appropriate changes. To accomplish this, consider tracking the total number of visitors attracted to your website using a specific piece of content, track the number of content asset downloads from each referral source, look at the number of social shares that each piece of content receives, and consider the bounce rate, which shows how many people land on your content but leave immediately, without going to other pages on your website.

  • Diversification—Content marketing is amazing for growing your real estate business, but you never want to put all your efforts in one basket. To build brand awareness and generate leads, sales, and website traffic, consider all available sources, such as email, social media, SEO, pay-per-click, SEO, display ads, and more.

Becoming a Key Player

As a real estate professional, you need outstanding content. If you struggle to come up with ideas or put your thoughts into powerful words, we have a talented team of expert writers at The News Funnel who can help with your marketing efforts.



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