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How to Write an Effective Real Estate Blog


At The News Funnel, we have several hundred real estate blogs featured on our site. The authors often ask us why some of their blogs get great views and why some don’t. We always respond the same way: “We can deliver the audience, but it’s up to you to drive engagement”.

Here are some of the common tactics we see with the most effective blogs on our site.

  • It starts with the headline: Is it catchy? Is it engaging? Is it universal? Too often we see headlines that are uninspired or written from too narrow a perspective. Those blogs have a tendency to not inspire someone to click through and get engaged. One of our exclusive bloggers, Allen Buchanan, uses catchy titles that get our users clicking, like The LEAST Important Part of a DIGITAL Presence.


  • Is the topic “obvious” or does it “break some new ground”? We read many blogs that state the obvious such “social media is important” or “customer service is key.” Those blogs aren’t going to get a busy professional engaged. But a blog about a leading edge tool that you just discovered, or a position that might be contrarian, or perhaps a topic that is not often discussed will have a greater chance of getting read and shared. A good example of a shareable topic is this one from Real Estate Tech News: Newly Released Algorithm Improves Commercial Real Estate Leasing


  • Area you using your unique voice? No one will be inspired by a generic blog that doesn’t have the author’s personal perspective. Use examples from your own career experiences for the most powerful narrative. Take Duke Long for instance – his no-nonsense blog is one of the most popular in the industry and has led him to become a trusted thought leader. Or check out New Funnel CEO, Michael Beckerman’s blog about lessons he’s learned throughout his 30-year career in the industry.


  • Length matters but so does style. Some of our favorite blogs couldn’t pass a basic English course, and that’s a good thing. Sentence structure DOESNT MATTER. THE SHORTER THE BETTER. Get to the point fast. But also know that run on sentences are killers. Long-winded prose will put readers to sleep.

Finally, you should only write a blog if you really have something to say. If you are doing it because you just want exposure and because you read somewhere that blogs are the cool thing to do know, forget it. You are not going to be successful. The best blogs are the ones with passion, a perspective and unique voice. Here are some great examples…

If you need help getting started with your own personal blog or a company blog, The News Funnel can help. Our team of expert real estate writers can create compelling and shareable content that captures your unique personality to jumpstart your digital presence. Email for more details.

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