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How the GRINCH stole CRE's Christmas


CRE's Christmas. SIMPLE. Our business. We move an occupant from point A to point B and get paid far more than the service that we provided should warrant. owner of a piece of commercial real estate hires us to locate an occupant for his empty building...and pays us far more than the service that we provided warrants. If you doubt that YOU are overpaid, just ask yourself what an attorney would charge to transact the deal. I can hear the collective yells and screams from the community...yeah but what about ALL those deals that DON'T make? We are paid ZERO for those deals. You know, I get it, but if you are careful to work with control and choose your clients wisely, the ZEROES can be reduced...AND we are left as a handsomely OVERPAID profession. If that doesn't warm your heart with the Christmas spirit...then this should.

The GRINCH. That green gargoyle of Suessian decent who (no pun meant) swooped down to stop Christmas from coming.

The grinch saw an opportunity to blind side an entire community of Whos, steal their gifts, and break their spirit. AKA, tech companies who (there I go again) want a piece of our hide and we GLADLY allow it!

So how exactly did the GRINCH steal CRE's Christmas?

We are vulerable, folks. There are a number of grinches trying to steal our Christmas EVERY DAY. The multiple listing services that charge us an inordinate amount of money to regurgitate the information that WE PROVIDE! The CRMs that charge us a monthly fee to catalog the INFORMATION WE COLLECT, and make it available to us on the go. The CRE tech start ups that promise to make our life SO much easier if we will just subscribe to their service for analyzing leases, packaging our tours, syndicating our listings...and so on. Sharing our COMPS? Are you kidding me? I can hear little Cindy Lou Who squealing as we speak! The cool site that sources leads for us and charges us a percentage of the deal...AND WE DO THE WORK! (I actually like that grinch). 

Make no mistake about it. If these grinches could cut us out...they a Who heartbeat!

So what is the answer? Just do away with the GRINCH and the threat is averted? I don't believe so. Just remember, as the Whos did, that the GRINCH cannot steal the true spirit of the CRE Christmas...the relationship. Without the relationship, the transactions don't occur, the fees aren't earned and there is nothing to steal. 

Merry Christmas to all of my CRE Whos out there in Whoville! And a VERY propsperous 2015 to you all.

Until next year, Bulester, out!

By: Allen Buchanan
Principal | Lee & Associates
(714) 564-7104
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