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How do you create the optimal hospitality experience? Look at the NFL - Know Your Audience

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In this blog, we are setting the table for what makes a good hospitality experience. We have established that an overarching, personal vision is the best context to frame a service based hospitality interaction. But, what are the important tools that can help implement this story and bring it direct to the consumer? This question is answered first by selecting a primary target demographic. In other words, “who is your audience”?

I love American Football. The NFL is the most successful American past time because it knows its audience. Football is a microcosm of the American male. Virtues that once seemed obvious permeated its core. Back in the day, If you were: athletic, brave, physically strong, competitive, aggressive, honest, team oriented, patriotic, can-do, selfless, respectful, coachable, or identified with any of the aforementioned, the National Football League was speaking to you. Today, that message reaches over 50% of the American public, who report to be fans. 

To extrapolate the notion that the forces trying to tear down the halls of this hallowed institution are in fact at war with the American male itself, seems fodder for another blog, but equally telling on how important knowing your audience is. Often, target demographics like “men” are to wide a platform to launch one’s personal Vision of a hospitality interaction. But, in the case of the NFL, that wide swath of biology will ultimately be what saves it. The masses love to reaffirm that they too believe in the tenets of Vince Lombardi and the like.  And there lies the second tool for crafting a vision that yields a great hospitality experience: The Influencer.


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