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How Do You Close Deals? 3 Surefire Ways Realtors will Seal the Deal.

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First impressions really are everything. For Realtors, a great first impression is the key to closing deals – from turning on hot prospects to stirring up positive feedback, every interaction counts when it comes to referrals and repeat business. I’ll outline how real estate lead conversion is dependent on body language, your approach, and staying on top of your game.

1. Mind Your Body

There is a science to body language and you don’t need to be a chemist to know what works. As a Realtor, it is important to know the Do’s and Don’ts of body language:

- Mastering the handshake. Studies have shown that the amount of rapport you get from a handshake is equivalent to three hours of face-to-face time. According to Westside Toastmasters, if you tip the person’s hand up, it makes you seem submissive and if you tip their hand down it makes you seem aggressive.

Westside Toastmasters

- Don’t cross your arms or feet and sit up straight. Good posture will not only make you look taller and slimmer, but it will bring confidence, health, and an improved appearance.

- Smile! If you really want to connect with your client, showing personality and leaving a good impression with a smile is the way to go.  Although, be careful not to smile after someone asks a question, as it could come across as condescending.

- Eye contact is key. Always make eye contact with your client when shaking their hand and maintain eye contact throughout the conversation to show you’re listening and establish a bond. It will make them feel more comfortable and allow you to build trust.

2. Know Your Pick Up Line

You have about 12 seconds to convey your marketing message to the client before they turn to the next agent. Your message is a short summary of about 10 to 20 words of what differentiates you from other agents.

Example of what not to say:




“I’m a Realtor with ABC Brokerage.”


Example of what to say instead:

“I help growing businesses smoothly transition to a larger spaces by making the office hunt, buying, and selling process easy.”



3. Don’t Miss a Beat. 

Response time is everything. Staying on top of the lead whether they are coming from the web, in person, or a referral, you must connect with them immediately. By using a CRM, in particular, REthink CRM, one can setup web-to-lead forms so the online contact flows directly into your list of contacts, then they can be assigned to a drip campaign or auto responder email. From the second the lead comes in, REthink CRM will notify you AND send the lead a welcome email. That will hold them over until you are able to call them directly.  With REthink CRM, you can set up automatic task reminders so you are never late or miss an appointment. It even syncs with Outlook and Google calendars so there is no excuse!


By: Natasha Mehra

Client Engagement Manager, REthink CRM

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