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Hospitality Interactive Dialogue: It’s The Logic Stupid

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Bezzone here again on “Let’s Make A Space." I don’t know… Is this valuable information?? Is a Hospitality blog the kind of thing that can make you money? And, what’s really important to you, by the way? It’s chicks, right? No… cash, it’s definitely the cash; am I close? Maybe we should rename this blog: Bezzone On Trying To Heist The American Traveler? No, wait… is “heist” throwing us off?  Is “heist” in or out?  Do they even use the word “heist” anymore? No, right… It’s “shoplift” now: Bezzone On How To Shoplift the American Traveling Public. Yeah, use “Public”; sounds more PC.

If you all are the respectable business professionals I know you are, you must be thinking: what is this nonsensical syntax, above? Why the base language- the flawed street vernacular?? The French call this “an absurd example." I’m intentionally trying to jest at the futile attempt at branding in the dark (Springsteen entendre). However, when these questions, and more like them, are directed properly and bounced off a vision-targeted influencer (refer to past writings), real data mining can occur.

What you say; “Data mining”? Is this where Bezzone leads us to next week's parody? Is he trying to tell us that interactive feedback from someone who may be interested in the proposed personal vision is a primary tool for honing your hospitality brand initiative? And, is he using this question style to drive a point? Is this interactive dialogue productive??  Wait… does he want us to comment on his blog? Is this about advertising? Who is getting paid, here? After all, asking questions is only logical.


By: Joe Bezzone

President | BEZZONE



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