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Hospitality Data Mining: Lessons From The Ebola Virus.

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Loyal fans of this informative blog, I wish you well. My hope for you is a long prosperous life filled with happiness. But this Ebola thing is whack and frankly, I fear for us all! I would like to relate the nonsensical, public health decisions, being made by our powers that be, to bad Hospitality branding practices. More succinctly, when evidence (data) is collected (mined,) but disregarded because of variable circumstances (geo-politics), a less than optimal result should be expected.

Ok, let’s do this: All data indicates that Ebola spreads and kills. The logical conclusion to be drawn is that we should not allow entry into the United States by Ebola stricken areas without a proper quarantine period. Any attempt at rationalization of this dilemma is not in the best interest of the public and exposes personal bias. In a hospitality business parallel, the critical components of good branding and positioning are glaring right in front of us, ready to be collected, utilized and optimized. Yet, quite often, these clues go overlooked or are disregarded because of inexperience and/or personal bias.

I have great respect for the men and women at the World Health Organization and other brave people on the front lines of this epic battle and empathize, greatly, with the victims. I apologize if it seems a bit irreverent to parallel the horrid effects of global health issues with the egomaniacal pursuit of American corporatocracy. But, if we turn our back on obvious threshold issues concerning the human condition, imagine how little we pay attention to calling a hotel, “The Revel"? Now that we have established the importance of collecting data on the tenets of our personal vision, developed through a dialogue with targeted influencers, join us next week where will discuss how to “Utilize” this important information.


By: Joe Bezzone

President | BEZZONE



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