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Horses for Courses in #CRE...AKA, I want my MTV

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There is term that is often used in golf parlance and horse racing..."horses for courses.” Simply put, some player's (horse's) games (performances) are more suited for this golf course (tracks and track conditions) vs. that golf course. They then have great success or dismal results based upon the course (track). As an example, Jack Nicklaus won six Masters in Georgia ...same golf course. Lee Trevino never won a Masters, but did win six majors...didn't like the golf course at Augusta National. Tiger Woods has never won at Riviera CC...which is the only championship he has entered and not course? I believe so. So, what the heck does any of this have to do with commercial real estate, content marketing, social media, or news aggregation? Indulge me and I will attempt to explain.

We are not a "one size fits all" society anymore. The days of creating one message for a product or service that will appeal to the masses (or not) are gone. Now, we can tailor our news, television programming (Netflix, Hulu), and yes, industry content (The News Funnel) to fit our individual needs...and time slots. As we are ALL consuming different content, mass advertisement gets overlooked or worse...deleted. Still looking for a CRE connection? Provide me with forbearance...please!

As commercial real estate practitioners, we are somewhere in the continuum of content consumption to content creation...with curation in the middle. We either consume, curate, or create content every day. Don't believe this? Did you read a paper or on-line publication today...maybe one of Duke's epiphanies? Did you listen to talk radio on the way in or a segment of CRE Radio on a podcast? No? Well, you have read this far so...GOTCHA! If you forward this post to a buddy or client, you have curated content. If you produce goofy videos on Tuesday of yourself giving real estate brokerage advice because you didn't get enough love as a child, CONGRATS! You are a content creator.

The CRE connection:

NNN, our content...listing brochures, industry stats, virtual video tours of our buildings, blogs about lease clauses, will not appeal to everyone...nor should they. BUT, we have a duty, I believe, to consider the audience that is receiving our content and tailor it accordingly. If I wrote about a specific deal in Orange County, California that I closed, I doubt many of you would care. But, craft a post on five things an ultimate CRM should contain and my phone, Twitter, email and fax machine will blow up.

Consider the course before you enter the horse...OR just blow it all off and go for the commercials!

Until next week, Bukester out!


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