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Hello, are you a taker?

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It’s a simple question, really: are you a Giver or a Taker? A thought so elemental that I believe it to be the root of all human interaction and therefore, a fitting opening to this important blog series on the current state of the hospitality industry. You see, the “Givers” are the knights of this ancient, noble method. And, conversely, the “Takers” give the Givers purpose, ultimately establishing balance. This is not a struggle between good and evil, mind you. Each entity is steeped in its own human purpose and none the better of the other. Knowing one’s place in this exchange though, holds the key metrics that make a good and bad hospitality experience. If you are reading this blog, you are a Taker; the true Givers are already hard at work preparing for your arrival. So, let’s begin a journey into what is your just deserve in the ever changing hospitality complex.

We all know that great service is a lost art; the rare exception, as opposed to the old rule. We have a billion “foodies” out there ready to extol virtues or cast dispersions at the bend of an index finger, but are there any real “servicies” around? Have we all yielded to a ubiquitous notion of acceptable, as opposed to exceptional? Why is real service seen as such a premium in our current state of competitive mediocrity? The answer will surprise you: we bring it on ourselves.

The blinding pace of life has all but neutralized the steps of attentive service. The Givers are, in fact, born to please. But the modern Takers are increasingly busy and don’t find much value in the old Euro pageantry model. And, who’s to say that was good service? I’ve spent many nights at the inferior of self-important custodians of snoot, wishing for my l'addition s'il vous plaît, already! Truly, the time paradigm continues to shift in favor of expediency, where proper service has become near impossible. I realize the well-heeled equalizer of some, and yes, the ultra luxury product has kept up appearances, but I’ve worked behind the scenes at the best of the hospitality brands and, let me tell you, it’s no Roman Holiday!

The antidote for this cross-industry dilemma is sourced at the fountain of creativity and technology and thus, we shall begin a journey to explore those boundaries and demonstrate best practices. I believe that together, we can change the landscape of a proper meal and a good night’s sleep. Or, at least learn where to complain about it to get the freebies. 


By: Joe Bezzone

President | BEZZONE


Phone: 973-769-5956 

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