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GroundBreaker Offers Revolutionary System for Simplifying Real Estate Fundraising


While the prospect of raising necessary capital to fund a real estate deal is sometimes thought of as a gargantuan effort, GroundBreaker is striving to make the process a bit more simplified.

Offering a powerful but easy-to-use dashboard, GroundBreaker is designed to bring democracy to the field of real estate investing. Users are able to connect directly with deal sponsors who have been pre-vetted by the GroundBreaker team. As a result, investors are able to benefit from a broad selection of options and deals dispersed across multiple asset classes and geographies. So, whether an investor is interested in keeping his or her funds at home or is interested in international deals, there are always options available.

At the heart of GroundBreaker is the concept of being able to cut through the chaff, eliminate the middleman, and go directly to the sponsors. Unlike many other sites, GroundBreaker does not charge advisors' or brokers' fees that might limit an investor's return.

How the Platform Works

The GroundBreaker team has also worked diligently to imbue their platform with enhanced transparency, fully leveraging available technology to ensure that investors are able to connect with deal sponsors around the clock while receiving reports, updates, and distributions. Whether an investor is at home, in the office, or traveling, he or she can rely on complete connectivity. One of the ways in which GroundBreaker makes staying connected easy is by providing the option or investors to follow specific deals or sponsors they like in order to receive updates in the future.

In order to make a fully informed investment decision, investors are able to review all deal information, including disclosures and documents. GroundBreaker also provides a robust interaction feature that makes it possible for investors to ask questions and receive answers from sponsors via an online forum.

Once an investor has decided upon a deal, the process is fairly straightforward. Investors simply enter their desired investment amount, sign the necessary documents, and use GroundBreaker's online tools to transfer funds. To ensure that investors are kept fully informed of the project's progress, periodic reports are provided along with Q&A sessions with the relevant deal sponsor.

Formed as part of Cornell's accelerator during late 2012, GroundBreaker launched in the fall of 2013 and became the first crowdfunding platform to provide a white-label fundraising tool to investors in the real estate sector. Thanks to the technology incorporated by GroundBreaker, the site gives users the opportunity to help deals go viral by leveraging existing investor networks.

As investors and entrepreneurs continue to look beyond institutional lenders for funding opportunities, platforms such as GroundBreaker have become an increasingly popular method for funding a variety of real estate projects. Due to the simplified dashboard design provided by GroundBreaker, even investors who are new to the concept are able to quickly search for projects that meet their specific criteria and enter the investment arena without the need to jump through a lot of hoops that might inhibit their opportunities.




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