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Great Blog Ideas for Your Real Estate Website


One of the best ways to enhance your real estate website is with blogging. However, blogs have to be interesting, informative, and useful. In addition, you have to know your targeted audience. With this, you have the ability to reach people who are actually interested in the real estate services you offer. In addition, writing a blog for a specific demographic allows you to get to know the audience on a more personal level.

One of the biggest challenges when writing blogs is coming up with great content on a consistent basis. Obviously, you want to provide readers with fresh ideas, innovative thoughts, and viable solutions, not regurgitated information offered by hundreds of other bloggers. Therefore, every blog you write must be relevant and useful. As a result, readers become more aware of your real estate business and the types but also caliber of services provided.

Strong Blog Ideas

As part of writing blogs, you need to keep two things in mind – search engine optimization and shareability. In other words, blogs need to appease the big search engines like Google so they are recognized, properly indexed, and used to drive traffic to your site but also make them interesting enough that readers are eager to share. With this combination, coming up with great blog ideas will be easier.

Following are some examples of great blog posts you might consider for your real estate website. These will help establish subject matter expertise, attract viable leads, and boost traffic.

  • Current real estate trending
  • Most expensive or luxurious properties currently on the market
  • Top mobile applications for buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, investors, developers, and builders
  • The value of working with a top-notch real estate professional
  • Online resources for people relocating or moving to your area
  • Myths and truths about real estate
  • Top real estate blogs or bloggers
  • Best places to go in a particular city to include local attractions, shops, and restaurants
  • Most affordable townhomes and condominiums available (include high quality photos)
  • The benefits of using different social media networks
  • Top waterfront properties at a specific price point
  • Tips on saving money when purchase a first home
  • Gated communities with the most spectacular  amenities
  • Big corporation moves
  • Interesting new or transformation projects within the real estate market
  • Hotel mergers and acquisitions
  • Key advantages to living and working in your city
  • Gaining an edge over the competition
  • Exposé of your most interesting clients
  • List of favorite local charities and reasons you donate
  • Fastest growing businesses or communities in your area
  • Top lessons learned from being a real estate professional
  • Most powerful men or women real estate agents or brokers
  • New ways of conducting real estate business
  • Homes with the most spectacular views

Endless Possibilities

The fact is that with blogging, the possibilities are endless. Try to think about things your current clients would be interested in reading but also topics that would attract new clients You can also conduct research online to see what types of questions people are asking or things being searched. Regardless of the direction you take, The News Funnel is ranked as one of the best blogging sites in existence. For that reason, you can post blogs or get assistance from a professional writer to get your blogs to the targeted audience.



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