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Gorgeous Million-Dollar Glass Homes Currently on the Market


For locations around the country that offer breathtaking scenery, glass homes are ideal. Homes made of glass have become increasingly popular for people who live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, near private beaches in Florida, in mountainous regions of North Carolina, and more.

Current Listings

  • Laguna Beach Sea-Glass – On the market for a cool $12.5 million, this impressive glass home is located on the coast of Laguna Beach. The home is ultra-modern and extremely comfortable. Some of the key features beyond the magnificent view are a pneumatic circular elevator for easy access to all three levels and vanishing glass door system so people can enjoy soft sea breezes.


  • LA Glass Home – The gorgeous home of Frank Gehry is on the market for $10.495 million. With lots of glass, there is always a great view and plenty of sunshine. Included in the purchase price is a play area and outdoor swimming pool that were both designed by Gehry.


  • Southern Living – For a more affordable price of just $2.695 million, you could purchase a Spring Island glass home that is modern yet filled with Southern charm. Throughout the home are amazing views of water, moss, and palm trees.
    On the interior are incredible rooms, including fully equipped home offices.


  • Tennessee Hideaway – For $3.5 million, you can purchase a glass home on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. In all, there are five levels of perfection. The entire home is surrounded by nature set on 5 acres, making it the ideal hideaway.


  • Aspen, Colorado – This transparent paradise in Aspen is currently being sold for $12.9 million. Located in the heart of prime ski country, the home has a glass front that is truly spectacular. Inside, you will find a number of fireplaces to keep you warm and serve as the perfect backdrop while watching the snowfall.

Glass homes have even become popular in more populated areas. Two prime examples are the former New York Penthouse of Alicia Keys that had floor-to-ceiling windows along with a floating staircase and Justin Bieber’s home, which is in Beverly Hills, California. Although most of these homes are pricey, they offer something extraordinary – a view.

However, for people on a budget, there are ways to get some of the same effect in smaller and less expensive homes. For example, rather than the majority of the home being made of glass, builders are creating homes with a glass front. This offers homeowners incredible views without the big expense.

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