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Google Photo Sphere - The Ridiculously Cool Camera App for Realtors

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Realtors need to be armed with intuitive tech on all fronts…boosting productivity, generating leads, managing transactions, and keeping watch of their pipeline. As a real estate technology professional I am constantly exploring the software/application universe for cool new solutions. Most recently while toying with my various camera apps, I came across the Photo Sphere feature from Google. All too often productivity apps are too generic to make a direct impact in the life of a realtor. However, the application of Google’s Photo Sphere to real estate will jump out at you the second you try it on your Android or Apple device.

Photo Sphere blows your normal property photos, 3D tours, or panorama views out of the water by allowing the user to take a fully immersive snapshot of a location from every angle!  In one photo, you can capture 360 degree view of a property, including the ceiling, floor, and every detail you care about.This technology does more than show you a property, it places you smack dab in the middle of it!

Photo Sphere is available in the App Store and on Google Play. For Android devices, Photo Sphere is a fully integrated feature in the Google Camera app.


By: Shayne O'Sullivan

Product Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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