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Glitz Helping to Boost Luxury Tower with Fall Selling Season


For the busy fall season, developers are going all out on glitz. In addition to being festive, the glitzy parties and other events help boost the market of luxury towers. This fall season, the number of glitzy affairs scheduled in New York City with the purpose of promoting luxury tower developments is on the rise.

For glitz, developers can choose from various venues, such as wine tastings, art receptions, jewelry exhibits, fashion shows, and cocktail parties. For this fall season there will be 40 new developments consisting of 2,100 condominiums going on the Manhattan market. Five of those towers are in Brooklyn while another three are in Queens.

Lavish NYC Fall Parties

Douglas Elliman, co-star of the popular Million Dollar Listing New York television show, confirmed that this fall, many new buildings will be unveiled and to celebrate, there will be multiple parties. In addition to new developments, older developments will host glitzy parties as a way of gently reminding brokers they still exist. Overall, the goal is to build excitement in brokers who pass that same excitement on to potential buyers.

For a party at the Toll Brothers City Living development located at 1110 Park Avenue, wait staff passed around ground lamb on sugar cane sticks while a small band played soft background music. The party was held in the three-story, $35 million penthouse complete with a 29-foot-long outdoor patio, and brokers milled about sipping wine and enjoying the mesmerizing city views.

As explained by the president of Toll Brothers City Living, David Von Spreckelsen, these parties highlight different parts of the building. For example, in addition to the lavish party held at the penthouse at 1110 Park Avenue, developers opened a model apartment for a three-day trunk sale for the famous jewelry designer, Suzanne Felsen.

During these glitzy fall parties, some significant contracts are signed, with many more anticipated. Along with these fancy venues, developers use an array of luxury marketing strategies such as social media campaigns, print and online advertising, and more. However, the precisely curated events are what attract purchase-worthy individuals most to the various high-end properties.

Using Blogs to Sell

If you have an upcoming glitzy, fall-season party in New York City or some other location, and want to spread the word, there is no better way than writing an impressive blog. Of course, you can use blogs to conduct all types of real estate business as well. If you need some help in creating powerful content, we invite you to utilize the services of one of our many talented professional writers at The News Funnel.



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